• I have credit but it says I still can’t subscribe?

    Your mobile account may be blocked from purchasing premium content via direct carrier billing. Please contact your mobile provider on 13 22 00 to have this restriction removed.

  • I have clicked to download content but it is saying “missing master files”, “failed to find Masterfile”, or “file not supported”. How do I receive my content?

    Please provide the name of the content in the feedback form below and we will send you a temporary link to download it.

  • I have tried to select content but it won’t download. How do I receive my content?

    Your download will start automatically. Please check your download history or check the My Downloads or My Files folder on your device. Please consult your device manual for more details.

  • How do I unsubscribe?

    Simply access My Account and click on the My Subscription section. All current subscriptions will be listed and you can choose to unsubscribe. You should also receive a weekly SMS for each subscription and there is a link to unsubscribe directly in that SMS message.


For support or billing enquiries, please contact us via:

Phone: 132200

For general feedback and enquiries, please contact us via the feedback form below: